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Digital Marketing Course utilizes multiple channels such as content marketing, influencer marketing, SEO, social media & online advertising to help brands connect with customers and uncover performance of marketing programs in real-time. In Digital Marketing Course participants will be able to understand deeply each topic related to digital marketing, how to apply & choose what is best for the business nature.

Module 1 : Digital Marketing Course Fundamentals

  • The Digital Age Vs. Old-Fashioned Marketing Practices
  • Digital Marketing Major concepts
  • How to set up your business in the digital sphere?
  • Social Media Marketing & Engagement
  • What’s content? How content marketing contributes to any brand success?
  • What’s Search Engine Optimization and how it affects your digital marketing effort?
  • Introduction to Email Marketing and where it stands in the purchasing funnel?
  • What is Digital Marketing Measurement Strategy? How to implement an efficient one?

Module 2 : Build Up Your Website & Manage Your Online Visibility

  • Setting up your Marketing Objectives & Measurement Plan your Business Website Must-haves
  • Audience Structuring & Persona Building
  • Manage your Website Content Dos & Don’ts
  • Implementing an SEO Strategy to easily get found
  • Website SEO Assessment & Competition Analysis
  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • Link building & Content Optimization
  • On-Page SEO Vs. Off-Page SEO
  • Software to automate the process of SEO
  • Measurement Strategy and Iteration
  • Case Studies and success stories

Module 3 : Content Marketing & Blogging

  • What is Content Marketing?
  • The role of content marketing in a multi-channel marketing world
  • Understanding your business objectives for content marketing
  • Identifying key user journeys and touch points, and creating compelling content for your target segments at the right time and right place.
  • Brand storytelling – the role of branding and the concept of storytelling
  • Integrated marketing approach for distributing content across digital media channels.
  • Measuring success – analytics and KPIs
  • Content Marketing Role in SEO and PR
  • Inspirational Content Marketing case studies

Module 4 : Social Media & Email Marketing

  • Introduction to Social Media Websites
  • How to choose the best Social Media Mix For Your Business (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram)
  • Setting up the Social Assets & Strategy Setting
  • Audience Segmentation Strategies
  • Content Creation & Distribution
  • Digital Engagement & Channels Moderation
  • Email Marketing Essentials and its role in the overall Digital Marketing Mix
  • The Dos & Don’ts of a perfect Email Shot
  • Writing Styles and how to ensure an increasing open rate?
  • What are the Email Campaign metrics to look after?
  • Case Studies and success stories

Module 5 : Digital Advertising & Performance Media

  • Overview of Digital Advertising industry and its key players
  • What are the common goals of digital advertising? Touching on the concepts of conversion, lead generation and Engagement
  • Google Adwords and account setting
  • Google Campaign Structure & Best Practices
  • Ad Sizes & how to perfectly write a great ad copy?
  • Display Vs Search Ad Campaigns
  • Optimization Techniques For Google Advertising Campaigns & How to Measure Campaign Performance?
  • Introduction To Social Media Advertising
  • Facebook Campaign and Ads Manager Structure (Power Editor)
  • Different Types of FB Campaigns and How to set up your first campaign
  • Determining Audience segments by demographics and interests
  • Reporting Campaign performance and Metrics to assess marketing objectives
  • Introduction to LinkedIn Advertising
  • LinkedIn Campaign Set up and Targeting Techniques
  • Twitter Advertising & Marketing Tactics
  • Setting up Twitter advertising campaign and Optimisation tactics
  • Introduction to Re-targeting Tactics in the digital Advertising World (Remarketing)
  • A/B Testing in the digital and how split testing works
  • How to create landing pages that converts?

Module 6:  Digital Analytics & Measurement

  • Introduction: Why Marketing Analytics is Important to measure your business success
  • How to Measure Websites performance & Landing Pages
  • Metrics to measure your Social Media Marketing performance
  • What to keep in mind you’re assessing your SEO efforts?
  • How to Use Google Analytics to assess your social media effort?
  • How to set Goals and conversion on Google Analytics?
  • Advanced Google Analytics tactics to gauge SMM, PPC and Email Marketing

After the completion of Digital Marketing Certificate, Participants will be able to:

    • Differentiate Between traditional and digital marketing.
    • Choose the best social media channel for your business.
    • Create Content and how to distribute it.
    • Understand what SEO is and how it is used to serve your business.
    • Know the role of content marketing in a multi-channel marketing world.
    • Understand what is Google Adwords and how it’s used.
    • Set goals and conversion on Google Analytics.
  • Marketing Executives, Managers, Senior Management
  • Business Owners, entrepreneurs
  • Anyone looking to start his career in digital marketing
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