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HPA is now accredited by Simdustry to become the first provider of their Simflex Virtual Simulation.

Are you

Worried about a risky or critical financial decision?
Thinking about expanding your business?
Launching a new product/ product line?

The answer is


A Virtual Simulation tool that allows participants to act as managers of competing companies in the market.

In the business simulation SIMFlex, We focus and practice Entrepreneurial, competitiveness thinking, and how to act in their companies, the simulation is finely tuned to the strategy development and business situation for customers and markets.

We support your managers and management trainees in finding answers to these questions, handle and manage the following business dilemmas:

  • What can we derive from our financial results? What are the implications for our future strategy?
  • What makes our company an attractive investment?
  • Which factors should be considered in strategic decision-making?
  • How can we position our company for sustainable success in an ever-changing market environment?
  • How can we invest our limited resources in the most effective way?

Entrepreneurs, decision makers, business owners, managers.

2-3 Training days